Monday, February 11, 2008

Malden Mondays: Malden Public Library

This week's Monday Mondays' spotlight is on the Malden Public Library. It can be hard to find a good library, don't you think? I'm reminded of a conversation Patrick overheard in the Revere Public Library. He was using a computer near the check-out desk, when a patron approached the librarian and asked for a recommendation. The librarian's shocked response was, "Oh honey, I don't read the books!"

Thusfar, my experiences at the MPL have been very positive. The building consists of the original structure, built in 1885 (pictured here), and a new wing built in 1996. The knitting section is meager, but I have taken full advantage of the Interlibrary Loan system, as the MPL is part of the Boston Public Library system. I just order up the book through the BPL website and they send me an email when it arrives in Malden. Easy Peasy.

The librarians have been friendly and helpful. There are lots of books and newspapers in Chinese, which is cool. And in the summer they have a children's read-along-field-trip-boardgame-playing club that I totally would have joined when I was a kid (I tried to get Little Sister to sign up, but she was a no-go).

The reading collections are housed in the new building, and the old building is almost entirely an art gallery. The gallery is not always open, but I got to look around once when I was there for a meeting of the Cultural Council. The building is really beautiful, as are the paintings.

So, check it out. Or check out your own local library--show it some love. It's waiting for you.

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