Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Some of you know that I love America's Next Top Model. It's the only show that I watch regularly. Everyone in the house must be silent, preferably in another room. I don't even knit while it's on!

Tonight, they kicked Heather off of the show:

I really liked Heather. I'm not sure they did enough to accommodate her Asperger's. It's always a tough call. If she became ANTM, she'd certainly have enough money to pay someone to take her directly to her Go-Sees!

I just hope Bianca doesn't win. She's an awful person. And the preview of next week's episode looks like she's all extra mean.

Here it comes...

Uh, yeah. All of that downtime? Long gone ;-)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Oh Blog, you're still here! I'm so glad to see you. I've been busy getting ready for my first day of work, which was yesterday!!! So far, so good. My co-workers are very nice, my superviser is helpful and patient, and my boss is friendly. It's a bit boring right now, just because I don't know how to do very much, so I have lots of down time. But that's sure to change!

In other news, I need to send out my Ravelry Scarf Exchange project by December 1st. Yikes!!!

See you soon! *kisskiss*

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lord of the Sings Transformers Karaoke Competition

Last weekend we had a karaoke throw-down at Eamonn's house. Karaoke at Eamonn's is unique because it is a themed competition, complete with prizes. The theme is predetermined by Eamonn, and is always tied to a movie. Contestants must plan ahead, choose a song in Eamonn's collection and change the lyrics, a la Weird Al Yankovic, to make the song about the movie. Eamonn serves as both the judge and the MC, and writes a minimum of four songs, which he performs between each of the entries, kind of like a screen wipe.

In the past, we have had a Lord of the Sings Karaoke Competition for each of the LOTR DVD releases (hence the name). I'm proud to say that I was the first every LOTSKC champion (I chose Belinda Carlisle's Heaven Is A Place On Earth). The following year Scott took my tiara. It didn't look half-bad on him ;-)

This time Eamonn chose the new Transformers movie. Eamonn loves transformers. Actually, Eamonn loves anything he was supposed to stop loving when he was 12: brownies, Transformers, Coke, people talking in funny voices, people wearing clown wigs, gold stars, cartoons, action figures, inflatable beach balls, bubbles... Note that even though Eamonn can write witty song lyrics about Transformers, he's not clever enough to change the title of the competition--instead, he just shoves the word "Transformers" in there.

Patrick and I put together a duet, sung to the tune of Islands In The Stream. Turns out, so did Dave and Stef. DOH!

Anyway, after four song entries, and just as many by Eamonn, Stef and Dave were declared the winners. Good on you, Stef and Dave. Your song most directly taunted Eamonn and all that he loves, and because of that I gladly throw open the LOTSKC Hall of Fame's* doors and grant you entrance.

*Funds for the construction of the LOTSKC Hall of Fame were secured by Tom Hanks

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Perry Bible Fellowship

I don't spend much time reading comics online, mostly because I hate reading things on a screen that I'd enjoy more if reading them curled up on the couch. I found out about The Perry Bible Fellowship from Tim Burke's blog, Easily Distracted. It's really funny.

Here's my favorite so far: Casting Call

Little Stuffies

Tomorrow, I'm taking a table at a craft fair at the Cheverus School (10-3). At first I thought I'd knit some stuff, but my hands started hurting so I stopped (no sense being "laid off" from knitting for weeks).

So instead I'm putting together some stuffies. I've never made them before, though I've thought about them. I'm using wool sweaters that I've shrunk/felted. Here's my favorite:

Little Elephant

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Belated Hap-Bea Halloween

For reasons I won't get into because they make for a long and boring story, Patrick and I carved Bea Arthur's face into a pumpkin. Behold!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scarf exchange goodness

I'm taking part in the Ravelry Scarf Exchange, in which I knit a scarf for my assigned buddy, and someone else knits a scarf for me. The buddy making me a scarf has popped into this blog a few times--Hi Pixie!

Well, I got Pixie's package last week. So great! First, the scarf. She chose the Branching Out pattern, which is beautiful. The yarn is a lovely red alpaca (the one picture makes it look magenta, but it is red). The whole thing is just perfect--I love the pattern, I love red and I love alpaca.

Included in the package were all kinds of goodies, based on some of my "likes." My own fluffy cloud ;-) , a cranberry candle, and more.

This is the first exchange I've taken part in, and it was great. Thanks Pixie, for being a great exchange partner!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

I Got a Job!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Won't Lose This Between The Couch Cushions

As potentially impractical as this is, I really want this ceramic remote control. The whole idea is that it becomes an object of beauty, so you'll give it a space on the coffee table--then you'll always be able to find it!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween, Engineer Style

These pics come from the family Halloween party at Patrick's work:

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I haven't written about it, but we've been to two concerts lately.

A week ago we went to see Erin McKeown at Club Passim. I saw her perform on tv a few years ago and went right out and bought all of her albums. My favorite one is Grand, especially the song Slung Lo. You can check out her myspace page to hear songs.

I'd never been to a show at Club Passim before. As it was an all-ages show, Patrick and I took Little Sis with us. I thought that the benefits of seeing a girl onstage, in charge and playing a guitar outweighed those of going to bed on time, even if it was a school night. I think I was right--Sis really like the show. As Patrick said, Erin is like sunshine on stage. She is just so natural and comfortable, and she her voice holds up in a live performance. After the show we went for autographs and pictures. I'd like to see Sis get that kind of interaction at the next Jonas Brothers concert! (If you don't know who the Jonas Brothers are, count yourself lucky. I've had to listen to their inane Disney-pop toooooooooo many times.)

On Tuesday we went to see The Thermals at the Middle East downstairs. Patrick and I love love love The Thermals. We first saw them open for Sleater Kinney and couldn't believe their energy. Hutch's vocals really sets the band apart.

This time we took Little Sister and The Cousin. The Middle East is not exactly a warm and fuzzy place, but it was an all ages show (again on a school night--I'm trying to show them other definitions of cool. Plus I get to be cool). They were, of course, amazing. Patrick and the girls perched themselves on a disused bar to get a good view, while I went up front to dance. Amazingly, they played not only my favorite song, but also Patrick and Cuz's. Again, the myspace page will give you a couple of songs to listen to.