Thursday, November 01, 2007


I haven't written about it, but we've been to two concerts lately.

A week ago we went to see Erin McKeown at Club Passim. I saw her perform on tv a few years ago and went right out and bought all of her albums. My favorite one is Grand, especially the song Slung Lo. You can check out her myspace page to hear songs.

I'd never been to a show at Club Passim before. As it was an all-ages show, Patrick and I took Little Sis with us. I thought that the benefits of seeing a girl onstage, in charge and playing a guitar outweighed those of going to bed on time, even if it was a school night. I think I was right--Sis really like the show. As Patrick said, Erin is like sunshine on stage. She is just so natural and comfortable, and she her voice holds up in a live performance. After the show we went for autographs and pictures. I'd like to see Sis get that kind of interaction at the next Jonas Brothers concert! (If you don't know who the Jonas Brothers are, count yourself lucky. I've had to listen to their inane Disney-pop toooooooooo many times.)

On Tuesday we went to see The Thermals at the Middle East downstairs. Patrick and I love love love The Thermals. We first saw them open for Sleater Kinney and couldn't believe their energy. Hutch's vocals really sets the band apart.

This time we took Little Sister and The Cousin. The Middle East is not exactly a warm and fuzzy place, but it was an all ages show (again on a school night--I'm trying to show them other definitions of cool. Plus I get to be cool). They were, of course, amazing. Patrick and the girls perched themselves on a disused bar to get a good view, while I went up front to dance. Amazingly, they played not only my favorite song, but also Patrick and Cuz's. Again, the myspace page will give you a couple of songs to listen to.


Traci said...

Adopt me as your sister!

Mini said...

tres cool...

Dan and I are always the "old people" at the shows... and Dan just realized it a few weeks ago... I don't know which is sadder.