Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lord of the Sings Transformers Karaoke Competition

Last weekend we had a karaoke throw-down at Eamonn's house. Karaoke at Eamonn's is unique because it is a themed competition, complete with prizes. The theme is predetermined by Eamonn, and is always tied to a movie. Contestants must plan ahead, choose a song in Eamonn's collection and change the lyrics, a la Weird Al Yankovic, to make the song about the movie. Eamonn serves as both the judge and the MC, and writes a minimum of four songs, which he performs between each of the entries, kind of like a screen wipe.

In the past, we have had a Lord of the Sings Karaoke Competition for each of the LOTR DVD releases (hence the name). I'm proud to say that I was the first every LOTSKC champion (I chose Belinda Carlisle's Heaven Is A Place On Earth). The following year Scott took my tiara. It didn't look half-bad on him ;-)

This time Eamonn chose the new Transformers movie. Eamonn loves transformers. Actually, Eamonn loves anything he was supposed to stop loving when he was 12: brownies, Transformers, Coke, people talking in funny voices, people wearing clown wigs, gold stars, cartoons, action figures, inflatable beach balls, bubbles... Note that even though Eamonn can write witty song lyrics about Transformers, he's not clever enough to change the title of the competition--instead, he just shoves the word "Transformers" in there.

Patrick and I put together a duet, sung to the tune of Islands In The Stream. Turns out, so did Dave and Stef. DOH!

Anyway, after four song entries, and just as many by Eamonn, Stef and Dave were declared the winners. Good on you, Stef and Dave. Your song most directly taunted Eamonn and all that he loves, and because of that I gladly throw open the LOTSKC Hall of Fame's* doors and grant you entrance.

*Funds for the construction of the LOTSKC Hall of Fame were secured by Tom Hanks


Susan H. said...

There were some Epic Performances, (4 in some cases), and I've had Brittney Spears ("No Megatron") stuck in my head for a week now. Thanks for immortalizing the important event, and thanks to Tom Hanks for his support!

Mini said...

sorry we missed it... I can't get Dan to sing in public. :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed it, Alan was all excited and getting ready for songs and stuff... but I got pretty sick that weekend. I heard it was a lot of fun and Alan decided that he will perform his version of whatever song at the New Year's gathering.

Stacey said...

I look forward to Alan's song. I'm hoping Eamonn can put down his old-man cane and ear horn long enough to figure out how to post the video on YouTube. If he does, I'll provide a link in a future post!

Traci said...

Isn't there a way that we can get Eamonn NOT to be the one who picks the movie?? I want to sing! But I just CANNOT sit through any of those movies long enough to glean the info I'd need for song writing. Will Laura still make all the good snacks if we have a Die Hard I, II, II and IV singoff?

Mariuca said...

I will go for die hard... and even help with the snacks!