Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Some of you know that I love America's Next Top Model. It's the only show that I watch regularly. Everyone in the house must be silent, preferably in another room. I don't even knit while it's on!

Tonight, they kicked Heather off of the show:

I really liked Heather. I'm not sure they did enough to accommodate her Asperger's. It's always a tough call. If she became ANTM, she'd certainly have enough money to pay someone to take her directly to her Go-Sees!

I just hope Bianca doesn't win. She's an awful person. And the preview of next week's episode looks like she's all extra mean.


Fields of Heather said...

I am so heartbroken-I loved that girl. But they do this to me every season; they let my favorite candidate almost to the top 2, and then give her the boot. So discouraging. If Bianca wins I will stop watching the show altogether. No, I'll just give up watching the re-runs.

Amy - ihearknitting said...

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