Thursday, December 13, 2007


OK, I know, I know. I'm a bad blogger. As Blogless Stef said to me the other night, "Enough about the Top Model already!" I understand--you need new reading material.

I, on the other hand, have way too much reading material. I have about 30 blogs I track with Google Reader, almost all of whom participated in the Blog-Everyday-In-November challenge. Now that I'm working and spending less time online, I have 1000+ unread posts. I'm not joking. 1000+ posts. After 1000, Google Readers just stops counting and uses a +. That's when you know you're in trouble.

And this part can't be right. I have Angry Chicken on my reader list. Today when I checked there were 148 unread posts from her blog alone. She can't possibly have posted so much in 3 weeks.

Anyway, one of my problems is that my life feels pretty boring right now. I go to work, come home tired, and try to be in bed by 10:30. What's there to blog about? Hmm?

I was thinking of coming up with daily themes. Have you seen these? I think Angry Chicken has a Quilt Monday theme, where every Monday she posts about a quilt she's working on or one she's seen that she likes. John over at Ectomo has lots of daily themes, like Cthulhu Cthursday
and Moustache Monday ( <--!!!).

What do you think? Any theme ideas for me? And for those of you who blog--want to do a theme together? That might get our creative blog-juices flowing. Um, that sounds gross.

By the way--see the clock image I put in here? I love the guy at 3 o'clock. He's screaming into two phones at once. And Mister Ten Thirty is sawing his monitor in half. Ha.


John Brownlee said...

Pro blogger mode on:

There's serious advantages to themes, both for making life for a regular blogger easy and for making sites more fun for visitors.

For a blogger, it's just nice not to have to drain the old brain juices and simply say, "Okay, find a cool picture of a moustache." But from the point of view of readers, they give a blog personality. They are things that can be counted on. They give blogs a larger theme outside of the flotsam and often flatulent thoughts of the main blogger.

In the "biz," we call these recurring rubrics. Ectomo has tons of them. We have Moustache Mondays. We have Cthulhu Cthursdays. We have the Friday Fez. We have Saturday Morning Cartoons. We have Noise du Jour. We have Your Daily WTF. Etc.

I'd be in favor of it. One theme I'd suggest: movie reviews of 80s movies you force Natalie to sit through. I thought your commentary on these films compared to hers was just astonishing.

Stacey said...

Not a bad idea. But this would mean getting her to watch a movie a week with me, and I'm just not cool enough to demand that kind of face time.

Amanda said...

Mmmmm.....mustache blogs....