Friday, February 10, 2012

Catching Up

Hi All!

So, I dropped off for awhile there. Here's some catching up:

I found a group of moms and babies to hang out with! We try to meet up once a week, taking turns hosting at our houses. It is so nice to talk about poop and sleep schedules without having to worry if you're boring someone ;-)

We did, in fact, run the 5K in October. I walked just a little bit, so I'm proud of that. But then I stopped running all together. I guess without a race for a goal I lost motivation (it also got colder here). I hope to start up again soon so I can be ready for the Spring races. Right now my friend CCR is laid off (boo!), so we're taking advantage of the fact that we're both home during the day and going walking a few times a week.

Simon is huge! He'll be 8 months old on Monday, but he's wearing 18-month clothes. He's in the 100th percentile for weight and 98th for height. When we compare his weight history to Patrick's (his mom gave us Patrick's baby book), he's bigger than Patrick at every point!

More soon!