Friday, December 14, 2007

I took this picture of my backyard today. No, just kidding. I stole it off the internet. But we do have lots of snow here, which, now that I really am an adult, I'm hating.

There's the shoveling, of course. But for me, the biggest snow-related pain-in-the-butt is trying to walk around the city. I'm a walker--don't drive, take public transportation, the whole bit. It took me twice as long as usual to walk home from work today because some people didn't shovel their walks and I had to walk in the street, jump walls of snow, ford puddles, and keep from slipping and killing myself.

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Mariuca said...

I love snow! When it's Friday night, I already made it home, the house is warm, there is enough food and snack around, and there is no where to go the next day!
Other than that, I hate snow. Walking to work thru slush, splashing gunk on the pants you just washed... no fun!