Monday, February 04, 2008

First day!

Tonight is my first class with my new job. I'm pretty well prepared, and have an outline for the session--we'll see how well that works out.

I think the biggest challenge will be the students' schedules. Almost all of them work, and are taking these classes at night. Understandably, they don't have much time for homework or studying. The only way I know how to do well in school is studying and flashcards--but those are pretty time-consuming.

Any suggestions for time-efficient ways to learn a new language?


hunnybunny said...

I wish I could offer you a suggestion but I can't. I just want to wish you the best of luck, I'm so happy that you get to do something you love. That's something a lot of people nver get to experience and I admire your choice to at least check it out. Good Luck!!!

Mini said...

Have you received formal ESL training for teaching? Those programs have a wealth of info for working with working adults. I found that conversational shelped immensely. One of my students once told me he watched cartoons with his kids and that it helped. Flashcards are portable, especially when prepared by the teacher and passed out (double sided photocopying is a wonder).

Good luck. This is not an easy task and I commend your effort. Keep it up.

Traci said...

Hello! When I was doing ESL teaching in college, I found that magazines helped. We'd flip through and point at common objects and learn the words. Kind of like flashcards except shiny and full of Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck - but then again my student was a teenage girl...Best of luck!

Mariuca said...

Yup, tell them to watch TV with the subtitles as well. I think it always helps to not only listen to the words, but also listen to how they are pronounced.