Monday, February 04, 2008

Malden Mondays: Immigrant Learning Center

Today's Malden Monday highlight is the Immigrant Learning Center in Malden Center. For 15 years they have provided free English lessons to immigrants from all over the world. Free--that's really incredible, if you've looked at what English lessons cost at other schools.

I'm familiar with the ILC because I volunteered there as a one-on-one tutor. Here's the situation: the ILC offers small classes in various levels of proficiency. They have a waiting list of about 700 people (that's right--seven hundred), who are all waiting to get into a class. In an effort to help out the people on the waiting list, the ILC matches them up with one-on-one tutors, who work with them until a slot opens up for them in a classroom.

I worked with two students there, both from Haiti. As you can expect, their stories were incredible. I'm still in touch with one of them, Fritz. He recently found out that he has been granted assylum here in the States, which is great news.

So, I'm highlighting the ILC because they're working to make Malden a great place, and helping people who really need a break. My experience with them was very rewarding.

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