Friday, October 19, 2007

I love it!

It's official--I love it. It is so soft and warm. And check out the pics. It fits perfectly around my updo! I'm going to build up a pile of them. The colors in these pics are much more accurate than my earlier post.


hunnybunny said...

That looks awesome on you. I wish I could make it to stitch and bitch to see it. I love how you said proof you knit. You knit amazing things, I'll vouch for you.

Pixie said...

Awesome! I love it -- I totally pimped it on my blog, too.
I really have to make one of those. Did you mod the pattern at all?

Stacey said...

No, I followed the pattern exactly. I did hold two strands together because I used a lighter-weight yarn. The result is a bit loose because of it, so if I do it that way again I'll cast on fewer stitches.