Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bathroom Days

With Patrick's parents coming to visit us in two weeks, we're working hard to get the bathroom finished. The last time we spent time on the bathroom project was...let's see...well, it was the last time they were here. That was for our wedding in May of '06. When they got here we still hadn't reconnected the toilet and sink, which we took out to lay the tile floor. As Patrick's mom said, "You really do need a toilet..."

So we're putting up the last of the wainscoting. Then we apply drywall above that, trim pieces, paint, hang mirror and medicine cabinet and reattach the radiator. Easy, right? We'll see.
The bathroom is so small, I had to stand in the tub to take these. Now that I look at them, I can't believe how awful the room looks. After more than a year of living with it, I got desensitized, you know?

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