Saturday, October 13, 2007


My SnB buddy, CCR over at Knit Read Cats Hockey, recently posted about spending her birthday weekend at an Apple Festival (happy birthday CCR!). I love local fairs. Not so much the carnivals that pop up with rides and impossible games, but rather the ones put on by communities, with stands of food and goodies set up by the local church, music and dancing on the main stage. You know the kind.

Last month, Patrick and I went camping in north/central MA, near Amherst. I discovered that I really like Fall camping--less bugs, not so sweaty, true appreciation of the campfire.

While in the area, we went to the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival.

This sign was hanging over the road as you approached. How sweet!

What a great festival! Lots and lots of local crafts, farmers selling more varieties of garlic than I knew existed, and yummy food.

There was an unexpected aspect to the fair: a "Green and Clean" mission statement. There were compost bins set up for glass/cans, paper, and food (for composting). Most of the silverware given out at the food stands were compostable (I believe they were corn products). And! The electronics for the stages were powered by big solar panels.

And I love their tagline: "The festival that stinks!"

Here I am, kickin' it with Garlic Man.

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