Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boring and Interesting

I found out today that Malden Arts has received the grant we applied for! This is great news.

Traci and F came over for dinner last night. My in-laws loved him, and he was very well-behaved (not that I would expect that from a one-year-old). The subject of my blog came up. Patrick hadn't read the blog until recently, and he's never left a comment. He claims that he doesn't comment because the blog is boring (he says this only half-jokingly). To quote him, "You put the blah back in blog." Well screw him! Not really, but I don't care--I'm going to keep posting. He can make his own interesting blog, and then he can talk to me about blah.

Yesterday we went with Patrick's parents to the De Cordova museum. The bulk of it is an outdoor sculpture park, with some indoor exhibits of a variety of media. The temporary exhibit that Patrick wanted to see is called Trainscapes. Twelve or so artists were asked to create a setting through which model trains would travel. Some made settings very similar to traditional model train settings (trees and mountains), but with twists. Others made settings nothing at all like a traditional one. There was a little boy there, about five years old. I'm guessing that his mother fed him cocaine for breakfast, what with the way he was bouncing off the walls. The moment we approached the setting he was looking at, he started to break it all down. "See the train is coming it's a freighter it goes past this rock and the rock almost falls on it and if you push this button the chair rocks and..." So on. At one point he turned to us and said, "This isn't as boring as I thought it would be!" which cracked me up.


Traci said...

Yea!! Congrats on the grant!! Go Stace!

Anonymous said...

If Patrick decides to write a blog, let me know. I will make sure that I will leave a comment and tell him it's borring :) Ha, that's just me high on hormones but still sticking up for the girls!