Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Google Reader/Task Master

As I posted before, for awhile there I was really behind on my blog reading. I couldn't break the 1000+ mark in Google Reader.

To try to catch up, I'd been eating work every day like this:
  • Plate in front of me
  • Right hand shoveling in food
  • Left hand controlling the up and down arrows so I can scroll through them
This kinda worked, except for when I wanted to open up a post its the home blog--I'd have to put the food down, move the keyboard, double click on the post, spin around three times in my chair and throw a handful of paperclips over my left shoulder for luck.

Well, on Friday I made a truly fortuitous mistake. I accidentally clicked "Mark All As Read" and WOOSH--they were all gone. Once I started breathing again I realized that this was exactly what I needed to do. Now I don't have all of that pressure to spend my whole lunch break gazing at the screen, eyes dry from not blinking, one finger about to snap from the force with which I press the down arrow.

That said, I'm back up to about 420 unread posts. How much time should one spend reading about other people's lives?

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