Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Soon

Well, I've had a pleasant couple of days. Patrick and I went camping this weekend (more later). I finally made it to my Stitch-n-Bitch on Monday night. With all of the WAM stuff and then family stuff, it had been at least a month. I missed my girls!

Patrick and I are going to turn up the heat on these home improvement projects. With the cold weather coming, there isn't much time left to do our outdoor must-dos. It will feel good to finish all of these half-done projects, like the bathroom walls or installing lattice to cover the crawlspace under the house.

Speaking of cold weather--how about those holiday gift crafts? I have pipe dreams of knitting and sewing all kinds of gifts. It doesn't help that the blogs I read regularly are written by people with an inhuman ability to churn out amazing projects at breakneck speed! How about you? Any gift-making in the works?


Mini said...

Sweater for PC's mom is just about off the needles, dolls for the wee ones, sock creatures for the non-girlie wee ones,scarf for PC's grandpa, bags for christmas... and a sweater for my dad. :)

I start early...oh, and mittens from a Romanian pattern for Mariuca's 30th in November.;)

Stacey said...

See, you're one of those super-productive blogs... Stop making me feel bad ! ;-)

Mariuca said...

good luck with the home improvments stuff. We started peeling the hall wallpaper 2 months ago before we went to Romania... and we are still not done.

Stacey said...

We're finally going to finish the fourth wall of the bathroom re-do--more than a year after we finished the first three!