Monday, February 16, 2009

Game Stop: Forgotten Circle of Hell

I recently made my first trip to Game Stop, a used buy/sell/trade video game store. We've amassed quite a pile of Wii games, many of which we don't actually like. So we picked out 3 and headed to Game Stop.

Holy crap. This place is awful. First, it is full of the worst kids on earth. Second, those kids are with the worst parents on earth. I witnessed one child so enraged by the fact that the game his mother was buying him didn't include classic Pac-Man, spit flew from his mouth. And all of the parents were screaming at their children, at all times, from all areas of the store. Just awful.

We traded in our 3 games for a used copy of Twilight Princess, one of the Legend of Zelda titles. Only to get it home and find that it doesn't work. Hmpf. Now we have to go back to Game Stop to return it. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to convince Patrick to go without me...but I'll try.


lensma said...

Hey Stacey,
As a frequent visitor to Game Stop, I just want to say, you're right, it is filled with the worst parents and children on Earth.....except for me and my son!!!! ;-)

Paul Malden said...

For the sake of accuracy, that was not spit flying from my son's mouth. It was Mountain Dew.