Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter Gardening

I just came in from the cold--and it really is cold (about 35 degrees)! Patrick has been pushing me to "do something" with all of my newly free time, specifically mow the lawn. Sound crazy? Well, mulching up all of the leaves is easier than raking them, so it's not a bad move. I also cut back most of the perennials on the driveway side of the house. I'm already imagining what it will look like when they come back in the Spring.

Tonight is a new Malden Arts event. We're calling it a Salon, in the sense that it is a gathering to discuss the arts in Malden: what's going on, ideas for the future, meeting others to collaborate with. I'm not sure what kind of turn out we'll get, but a reporter from the Malden Observer is going to show up to cover the evening.


Mini said...

Mulching them is great for your garden too, no? You can use it and cardboard to layer your raised beds and add compost.

trek said...

We need to mulch the leaves on the lawn, too, but temperatures around the freezing point make it too much like an exercise in masochism.