Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lots of Free Time

So, I got laid off. Yup. On Election Day, to be exact. This is a real bummer, for a number of reasons. Here are some:

  • Patrick and I had some real financial plans in place that will now be thrown off-track.
  • I really liked my job, my co-workers and my commute.
  • My position had me helping more and more with the business development side of things, but I didn't get enough experience to apply for a biz dev position.
  • But I really don't want to go into another Admin position.
  • Finding a job is a pain, and especially now with the economy.
  • My suit doesn't fit anymore!!! Gah, shopping ahead. And not even the fun kind.

Anyhoo, I sent out a few resumes last week, and will follow up with them this week. I've already done all of the paperwork for the Unemployment Insurance (which is only half of your salary--did you know that?).

Now I just need to stay motivated; this means not sleeping until 2pm, not reading web comics until the wee hours of the morning, maybe catching up on the things that my job prevented me from getting to, maybe spending some time with long-neglected friends (Hi out there! You'll hear from me soon!), etc.

And let me just say that one of the reasons why I haven't been blogging lately is because I signed on to Facebook. It's just like blogging, but less pressure since it's only a line or two at a time. I've tried to find an app or something that would post my Facebook updates as blog entries here, but I can't find one. Do any of you know of such a thing?


Mini said...

Ah. Unemployment stinks. I know... I've been there a few times. A positive in this is that unemployment has been extended to 39 weeks (used to be 26) in times of recession. Something that helped me was getting up at the same time that I did when I was working, showering, eating breakfast and then sitting down at the computer for 3 hours to "work" on my resume, internet job search, shoot off networking emails. Then, I'd eat lunch and then do the phone thing with recruiters, Hr personnel. You need to treat unemployment like a job. Good luck and let me know if you need some contacts... our guild is used as a networking source constantly.

Mariuca said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your job. it sure stinks. Our whole life is a budget and plans, so I know how that must feel! Let us know if we can help...