Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lost my reason to get up in the morning

Many of my friends know that I LOVE Count Chocula cereal. Really really love it. The chocolate crunchy cereal parts, the marshmallows that stay firm in the milk, the dark brown the milk turns by the end of the bowl. And the layer of brown powder that lines the bowl after the milk is gone--there's so much chocolate I can't even get to it all! There are so many chocolate molecules trying to stay afloat in the milk some of them perish to the bottom of the bowl!

So around April I noticed that C.C. was missing from the shelves of my local Stop & Shop. I tried another store, thinking that Stop & Shop must have lost its mind, but Star Market didn't have it either. Had General Mills discontinued Count Chocula? Why not give Trix the ax instead?

I turned to a new chocolate version of Lucky Charms. Not as good. Then I tried a box of Pirates of the Carribean cereal. It was like Coco Puffs with marshmallows. The only good thing about it was the picture of Johnny Depp on the cover. Sigh. (Actually, the caption made me think. I never bothered to think about the shapes of the clever to recycle Coco Puffs and call them Black Pearls!)

Well, the other night Patrick and I went grocery shopping, and there were all my old friends! Boo Berry, Frankin Berry and --yes-- Count Chocula! Though with a new look (see pic). I bought two boxes.

What a mistake! With a new look comes a new formula. The marshmallows fall apart the instant the milk touches them. The milk itself turns only a light tan, an indication of the lack of chocolate-y flavor. Why? I'm going to try to return the second box tomorrow. And write General Mills to complain! You should too: Give 'em an earfull...

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