Friday, September 08, 2006


For the past month or so Patrick and I have been involved with a group here called Window Arts Malden. Here's the link:

The organizers, Kelvy and Naomi, are pairing 40 Malden-based artists with 40 businesses in downtown Malden for a two-week exhibit of all types of art. The result is a kind of free, open-air museum. It's been amazing to see the project grow in scope and detail--the PR material is beautiful, the have lots of participants and support from the city. They're having a launch party on Saturday, the 16th which, unfortunately, Patrick and I won't be able to make because we're going to a wedding.

My job so far has been to organize the distribution of posters around Malden and the surrounding communities. This means hitting the road on my bike with a roll of tape. I'm pretty good at chatting up store owners and convincing them that these posters are totally innocuous, so I've had a respectable success rate.

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