Saturday, May 02, 2009

Giraffe in the Grass Sweater

Just in time for summer (heh), I present the completed Giraffe in the Grass Sweater. In its last appearance on this blog, it was still in pieces. Well, it's taken me all this time to piece it together, knit the I-cords, and attach the ties.

The neck, sleeves and bottom edge all have a garter-stitch detail. The neck:

I-cord ties:
Rotated pic of the inside with tie closure.

Here are some things I learned:
  • I-cords really aren't that bad to make. Not sure why I psych myself out with them. Probably because I had to make a million of them for that centipede scarf.
  • Next time I'll figure out how to do the body in the round, so as to avoid all the piecework.
  • I'll have to check in with the mom to see how practical all of these ties are. I suspect they're not.

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ccr in MA said...

It looks great: nice work!