Monday, January 26, 2009

Gummi Bears Theme (Orginal)

When I was a kid, Gummi Bears was on at an ungodly hour of Saturday morning. Like, 6am. Even back then I wasn't going to get up that early. But! I lurved this theme song. So much so, I would drag myself out of bed to hear it and then go back to bed. At some point I smartened up, got out my tape deck, held it up to the TV speaker and recorded the song so I could hear it whenever I wanted. And it is still a great song.


hunnybunny said...

Gummi Bears is awesome, and I was that freak who woke up early to watch them. I wonder if they are out on DVD, I bet the girls would love that show.

hunnybunny said...

Just so you know they are out on DVD!!! Yeah!!!