Monday, May 05, 2008

Malden Monday: Garden Club?

Hello All,

Now that my blogging break is over, for my first MM I present to you an idea. Last week I was talking with my knitting friends, and we discussed backyards we'd like to peek into. You know the ones: just enough fence/foliage to obstruct full view from the street, but the promise of wonderful things. What about a garden club to open those gates up?

I'm too busy to start a whole club, though. But I could organize a one-day event. Like an open studios, but with gardens. I'd have to get some gardeners to sign on, make a map with the locations, distribute the map and then enjoy the day. I can do that! Patrick might even help--though it all depends on whether or not he likes the format I choose ( ! ). Sometimes he's a real poop...

So, I'm going to look into this. I also need to get WAM off the ground, which takes priority. Anyone out there a Maldonian and interested in this garden idea?


Traci said...

I think I read somewhere that your blogging break was over...?

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am an avid gardener in Malden & just saw your post. I am trying to get the DPW to once again buy composters in bulk to sell at reduced rates, to add rain barrels and low flow faucets, etc. And I would like to see more trees planted on the sidewalks... I am going to try to catch up on your blogs... Please contact me if you are still interested in the Garden Club idea.
Thanks, Patricia

Tanesia said...

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