Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Starting Again!

Today I had lunch with my friends TS and SP and their little ones. We got to talking about blogs--whether they're worth writing, how we've tried and failed in the past, etc. Anyway, TS and I decided to give it a go. So she should be starting one soon. I'm going to try to be better about it.

I recently discovered Google Reader, which keeps track of blogs I like reading. In the past I've bookmarked stuff I've liked, but then I forget to check back on them, or I do take the time to check in but there's nothing new posted. I totally love Reader! I especially like that I can star posts--have you ever tried to remember something that you read on a blog somewhere, and then you have to find the blog and then search for the post? No more! Just star it in Reader. So great.

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John Brownlee said...

Google Reader is pretty fantastic. I read about 300 blogs every day and I don't ever go to the physical address of any of them. RSS feeds and feed readers like Google Reader are the only way I'm able to do my job.